USS George H. W. Bush Strike Group Homecomings

This week I have had the pleasure of capturing the Bush strike group as it returns to Norfolk Virginia.

The George H. W. Bush returned home to Norfolk Virginia on April 23 after 8 and a half months at sea.

The strike group was also made up of other ships and multiple air wings!

VFA 103 was among the squadrons deployed with the strike group.

Some helicopter squadrons out of Florida were among the strike group.

HSM 46 Homecoming

I had the pleasure of having clients all across the strike group and captured so many happy moments in both Florida and Virginia.

HSC 5 was welcomed home at sunrise the morning of the Bush homecoming! We had to wake up extra early and it was a little chilly compared to the warm week we had been having in Norfolk, but it was worth it!

Thank you to all of my amazing Bush Strike Group clients who mad my job magical!

Navy homecoming photographer Norfolk VA

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